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It has been exactly 7 days since we left our jobs, our family, our life back in Brisbane in the pursuit of 12 months of Remote Work life. And after putting in a few hours of solid task-orientated work, we sat back and the epiphany of this transition then came to us. This first blog piece is about exactly what we believe that transition to be.

For those who have not heard of Remote Work or Digital Nomads. The explanation is quite simple, you are working remotely. From anywhere, at any time. Sound challenging? Well it might be, and we accepted the terms of this challenge long before we bought the one-way-ticket to Europe at the beginning of 2018.

Working life back in Brisbane was quite enjoyable, just the right amount of challenge, and a reasonable amount of success. Both Freda and I found our rhythm together as work colleagues and lovers and we put that down do having the same passions in life, the same direction and routine. Plenty of routine!

Our vision for the next 12 months is simple. Take the same determination, dedication and dexterity with our professional skills and apply them to a whole range of new opportunities that we have discovered through our past online endeavors. But here in lies the problem that we think many in our shoes may come across. The freedom to choose whatever it is you desire, but what will it be an when?

When you have the world at your fingertips, you don't know where to go?

When you have multiple ideas that can determine your survival, which one do you choose?

When you have finite resources, when do you knuckle down and make it happen?

Yes we have a plan in place, a loose plan. It has to be, as you need to allow flexibility and be available for opportunity when it calls. And financially, well there is enough there to allow us to fully dive deep into our greatest strength and skills without being pressured into taking whatever it is we can get…. But there is a limit to this, and as every person on the planet will soon come to realize their own finite recourse. Its time. In our case its Time vs Money vs Opportunity.

So what then is the great epiphany? Well its grandeur is only relative to the experience of the the person experiencing it. In this case i was feeling unsettled. I couldn't quite put my finger on it but i knew it had to do with the current amount of remote work i had been doing - not much. But this is not a problem, as i mentioned earlier we allowed ourselves enough time to work things out, and on top of that we had also allowed ourselves the first 2 - 3 weeks to be that of a vacation. Seeing that we worked a normal working week (and then some) for the entire year, we had earned the break. I normally enjoy a holiday in its entirety, completely unplugging from my professional life and giving the big middle finger to anything work related! But why not now? Why do i feel compelled to become productive all of a sudden. Is it because i need to feel a sense of achievement in my day?

My youthful yet wise fiance Freda had the answer. Because when on a holiday you have your normal life to go back to, your normal job, your normal obligations, your normal routine. Its familiar. It's the same. Its security. And with this security you allow yourself to completely be free, because you know it is going to be a short lived reprieve. Then your back to it.

We are unsettled because of the uncertainty, we don't have something to come back to because we have created that thing yet! And going back to where? Who knows… We are nomads now. Digital nomads. The rest is up to us! So here is to a challenging year, a Remote Year.

To get a little more acquainted with the whole concept, i do encourage you pick up a copy of the book Remote: Office Not Required