20 bonding adventures for couples – Travel, Romance & Adventure creates a bond for life

20 bonding adventures for couples – travel, romance & adventure and creates a bond for life

Travelling – it is the most bonding time you will has as a couple before you have kids. You create the foundation of your relationship, memories you will tell your kids later on. The time you sit together, plan your destinations, and set goals and live your dreams will bond you forever. We wanted to share some of our favourite activities that are super exciting and still within reach. This travel couple adventure guide is a guideline for you to dream big and plan your next great adventure with your loved one.  Whilst going on wild crazy journeys, chasing your dreams and creating unforgettable memories you will hopefully always be smiling and share that with your partner.

This is the ultimate adventure guide for couples that love a little bit of excitement while they’re travelling and pursuing their dreams. If you and your partner are not just after romantic, sweet relationship to-do, you found the right guide. Travelling as a couple has been the foundation of our love story and we think that every couple should travel together at least ONCE! It is such a great relationship-builder.

This post gives you 20 adventures to choose from. Some are a little bit more romantic and some are extremely adventurous and will test your courage. It doesn’t matter if you are a married couple, or you might be engaged or you just started dating, all these adventures will bring you closer together and might represent your partner in a way you haven’t seen him or her before. Don’t feel sad if you are single at the moment. Most of these adventures can also be done solo or shared with friends, it is simply more fun to share your experiences and create memories with someone close to you.

If you can’t fit in all the adventures in your next trip, simply write them down on your bucket list and tackle them the following year. In our adventure guide we have included some very famous spots and some very specific ones that you probably only get to know when you are a local. These are all just suggestions of course but all the adventures are tested out and loved by us.


Australia - camp out in nature

Get out and about together. There is nothing more romantic then sleeping under the stars, especially in a country like Australia with its magnificent sky at night. Get a campfire going and cuddle up in front of it.  


Vietnam - motorbike from Dong Hoi to Phong Nha

Hire a motorbike (or scooter if you prefer easier handling) and drive from Dong Hoi through the rainforest to the breathtaking caves of Phong Nha. Check out MotorVina for cheap and easy going rentals.


Fiji - surfing on Mana Island

Get off the main Island and jump on a boat to Mana Island. It is a very romantic spot with small huts on the beach. From there, get a surf lesson together. It is a great challenge for mind and body, plus it is a lot of fun.

Fiji - surfing Mana Island

Australia - go to an outdoor festival

Dress up and get wild together! There is no better ground to experience an outdoor festival together than Australia. You will dance amongst lemon trees and become one with nature.  2 of our favourites are Falls Festival and Big Pineapple Festival.


Switzerland – go hiking

Achieving something together like hiking big passes in Switzerland is an unforgettable experience that no one can take away from you. Why not challenge yourselves and take on the 10 day Chamonix hike, which leads you through France, Italy and Switzerland. Not only will you get to cross three borders on FOOT together, you will also meet likeminded travellers and get to try three different cuisines.


Bulgaria – snowboarding

Get up early when the snow has freshly fallen and grab your snowboard and fly down the hill. Bansko offers a really good deal even if your budget isn’t the biggest. The best thing about snowboarding is that you can stop at any point to steal a quick kiss of your lover.

Bulgaria – snowboarding

Egypt - scuba diving

This can be romantic and adventurous at the same time, depending on the abundant wildlife you come across. Head deep underwater together and discover a new world below the surface. El Gouna and Sharm El-Sheikh are the top spots in Egypt!


Cambodia – lounge on Koh Rong Sanloem

Have a relaxing day on the beautiful, romantic bay of Koh Rong Sanloem. Simply jump on the ferry in Sihanoukville and take over. Grab a couple of cold beers and lay on the beach for the entire day. Hop on the swing on the beach and float in the super shallow and crystal clear water on the main beach of the island.

Cambodia – lounge on Koh Rong Sanloem


Thailand - go to a Full Moon Party

South East Asia is an outstanding place to travel to. It is warm, budget friendly, rich in culture, incredible food, amazing beaches and has a lot of free time activities to choose from. Take your spouse to one of Thailand’s world famous moonshine parties.  Apply some neon body paint on each other’s body and go for a night long dance together. It is a lot of fun and you will meet amazing people. Best spot for the Full Moon Party is Ko Pha-ngan.


Ireland – wander through the prettiest pubs of Dublin

Once in Dublin you have to have a pint of Guinness. Why not make a little pub crawl out of it and wander through the prettiest pubs of Dublin. It is simply fantastic with all the talented musicians around and a few pints down you might want to grab your love and go for a swing on the dance floor.


Slovenia – Ljubljana wine tasting

Attend a wine tasting in one of the most little romantic cities in-between Italy and Croatia. Sip all the different varieties of the region and take your favourite one home.


Bali - hang out with monkeys in Ubud

The temples and surrounding jungle is quite impressive itself but being amongst the wild monkeys is a terrific way to laugh together. You never know what these little creatures get up to next!

Bali - hang out with monkeys in Ubud

Mallorca - cliff jumping

To be fair, cliff jumping isn’t for everyone. Pick something that excites you both and freaks you out at the same time and just go for it. Commit to it, run over the edge and get your partner to watch you doing it!


Spain – learn how to dance salsa

You hardly can get any closer than dancing salsa together. It is super sexy and a great exercise of course. Stay out all night and spin your spouse to the rhythm of the music. Once you’ve got the hang of it you’ll be the next superstars at any party.


Germany – horse riding on the beach

Can you imagine anything more romantic than riding on the beach together while the sun is setting behind the sand dunes? This is most likely something every girl is dreaming about. Why not doing it on Germany’s widest beaches of Amrum? This little island offers spectacular sand dunes that stretch over kilometres.


France - paraglide through the Alps

Stand in awe on the top of the Alps, start running and paraglide down into the valley. Push your boundaries and get rewarded on the glide down.


Egypt - Camel riding

Allow yourselves to step back in time - ride a camel!  Together you will get a feel of a time where there was no vehicles, no abundant noise, and when simplicity was not a choice but a way of life.

camelride in the desert of hurghada.jpeg

Germany - Canoe ride

Experience the country you are visiting from a different point of view. Hire a canoe for a day float through the rivers. Even better, pack some champagne and snacks and surprise your partner with a spontaneous picnic along the way.

Vietnam – get up early and watch the sunrise

The sun has such an amazing power and something very special about it. It’s warmth when it is rising over the mountains in the background – incredibly romantic. Our fave spot so far is in Mũi Né, Vietnam!

sunrise in Mui Ne

Vietnam – boat cruise

Ha Long Bay is one of the most visited sites in Vietnam but still one of the most impressive ones as well. For our anniversary we booked a 3-day cruise through Bai Tu Bay which is a little bit more expensive but also way less crowded. Absolutely worth the extra money! It was super romantic and we only shared the both with other couples and no party tourists.

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