Hurghada - 5 things you NEED TO KNOW before travelling to Egypt's paradise


Hurghada - Egypt’s paradise on the Red Sea

Hurghada is one of Egypt’s top spots along the red sea. It is perfect to escape the European cold during the winter months and top up your tan. And what is more tempting to plan your next trip? As travelers we are always in for adventure and chasing fairytales.

That’s why we want to introduce Hurghada to you. It literally is THE adventure paradise on the Red Sea. But there are a few things you need to know before travelling to Egypt. We created a list for you that includes the 5 NEED TO KNOWS when travelling to Hurghada. If your next trip is going to be your honeymoon, check out our honeymoon guide for Egypt.  

What to expect when coming to Hurghada/Egypt

1 Transport

Located on the Red Sea with epic water and a lot of diving opportunities Hurghada is an absolute paradise. Neither of us had been to Egypt before and our expectations were high. We arrived in the middle of the night and our airBnB was only about a 30 minute walk away from the airport. Taxi drivers welcomed us warmly and offered us to take us to our place. They suggested 25€ for a 7 minute cab ride. We quickly checked uber and the exact same ride cost us 4€ simply by using Uber. So the first NEED TO KNOW from us is to take ubers all the time.

2 Cleanliness

The second NEED TO KNOW is, that Egypt is a 3rd world country. Therefor it is relatively dirty. Definitely cleaner than some southeast Asian countries due to the hot and dry climate, but still dirty for western standards. Sustainability is so important and our planet is super precious. Dave’s and my advice is to keep that in mind when you visit a 3rd world country and try to travel more sustain-ably (5 tips on doing that you’ll find here).

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3 Shopping

Another NEED TO KNOW we would love to share is the shopping situation. Hurghada has a lot of little convenient stores that provide little snacks, water and essentials that will get you through the day. But if you want to do a big shop, find your way to one of these places

  • Carrefour

  • Bestway

  • Spinneys

In the case your budget is very tight, shop at the local markets and support the local farmer. Do good and join the slow travel movement and live more sustainable.

4 Dresscode

This almost goes without saying, but girls should dress appropriately. Hurghada is a little bit more relaxed with showing skin than other egyptian cities, because it is located on the beach and the residents are used to seeing tourists wearing shorts and t-shirts. But you NEED TO KNOW that you will get stared at as a girl! You can simply reduce that by wearing long dresses, that cover your legs and shoulders.   

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5 Safety

Egypt is super safe to travel, but you NEED TO KNOW that you shouldn’t show all your cash around. Simply keep 2 different wallets on you or keep your money in 2 different sections. Most things only cost you between 20-25 EGP which equals about 1€. We usually only carry 200 EGP in small notes in our wallet to avoid never ending haggling.

All in all we have to say we absolutely love Hurghada. We’ve travelled around Egypt for 4 weeks and Hurghada feels like a rejuvenating oasis to us. You will find more of ancient Egypt in cities like Luxor or Aswan, but to relax, getting away from the hustle & bustle, Hurghada is our favourite. If you are about to book your next trip to Hurghada we highly recommend this place. We stayed here for 1 week and would’ve loved to stay longer. Every day we got up to watch the mesmerizing sunrise and sunset. We even invited friends over for a BBQ on our roof terrace! The apartment was super clean, communication superb and the kitchen was well equipt. Check it out HERE and if you like it, we promise you that ypu won’t be disappointed!

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