THE 5 ultimate honeymoon destinations in Egypt - the land of Sarcophaguses & Mummies

top 5 honeymoon destinations in egypt

There are only a few things that are more exciting than planning a trip, especially for well-travelled couples. The longer and farther you travel, the more fairytales you want to chase. Your appetite for adventure keeps growing and growing.  

In most Western marriages it is tradition to take a couple of weeks off immediately after the wedding and go on a honeymoon. Jetting off, sipping on cocktails and heading to a beach resort is very popular amongst newlyweds. A relaxed, stress-free holiday seems to be the number 1 goal for a honeymoon after that incredibly emotional day of your wedding.

Tropical honeymoon destinations with white sandy beaches are perfectly fine. In fact, if lazy days on the beach are your thing, than by all means, go for it. If you don’t wanna go to an overrun honeymoon destination, don’t worry. There are hundreds of off-the-beaten path tropical destinations, such as Koh Rong Sanloem in Cambodia. But this simply might not fit your bill. These common beach honeymoon destinations are just not your cup of tea. You might have already visited these spots or you just want to take your hubby or wifey on an adventure, something outside of the box.

If that’s you and I just described your desires, listen up! We’ve researched and visited THE 5 ultimate honeymoon destinations in Egypt. In egypt you can combine your beachside honeymoon with incredible historic sites.

As we’re planning our own upcoming nuptial in August 2019, and we are on a one year pre-honeymoon trip, it makes sense that we share our favourite spots from our tour so far. Yet our plan is even less traditional. Most likely, we will not embark on a ‘typical’ honeymoon following our wedding. Instead, we will be having our family over in Germany coming all the way from Australia for our wedding. That’s why we are planning to have a family holiday together.  And by the way: if you are both travel enthusiasts your life together will be a never-ending honeymoon anyway.

Without further ado….

THE 5 ultimate honeymoon destinations in Egypt

#1 El Gouna

It is a man made resort town made for tranquility and peace. Luxurious houses, hotels and apartments is the style with its spectacular lagoons and sandy beaches. El Gouna got our attention straight away as we heard that they have amazing kite surf opportunities. Whether or not you are a couple that sparks an interest in new water activities, having a romantic date, taking a private boat into the middle of the Red Sea or just relaxing inside, El Gouna got you covered. In conclusion, our favorite of all honeymoon destinations in Egypt!

kitesurfing el gouna

#2 Luxor & Aswan

Aswan is one of our favorite places in Egypt and gets our 2nd highest honeymoon score. It sits on the river Nile which has been Egypt’s lifeblood for thousands of years. For a little bit of romance, you can reach the brightly colored villages of the Nubians and the beautiful abandoned monastery of St. Simeon by camel or felucca, Aswan’s famous & traditional sailing boats. Treat yourself and book a three-to four-day luxurious Nile cruise all the way up to Luxor. The must-see attractions are usually arranged by the cruises and the only thing you have to do is sit back and relax! Once you reach the extraordinary place of Luxor, you’ll feel like you are in the world’s biggest open-air museum. Nothing compares to the mind-blowing monuments that have survived from ancient Thebes.

aswan on the river nile

#3 Hurghada

Hurghada is internationally known for its colorful coral reefs and crystal blue water which makes it a bucket-list destination for many. It is a perfect honeymoon spot in Egypt with all its beautiful resorts right by the water. For instance, you pretty much can put your goggles on in your room and walk to the water ready to snorkel the stunning red sea. Or book you and your hubby/wifey in for a dive. There are many diving centers around that provide everything you need. In addition  go and check out Giftun Island. An absolutely gob smacking island and all tours provide lunch on the way over. Tick off another thing of your bucket-list and hire some quad bikes for a sunrise desert safari. The weather is super stable in Hurghada. In other words your honeymoon sunrise pictures will look fantastic.

Hurghada honeymoon

#4 Siwa

The desert oasis of Egypt. Siwa is a mirage-like place that suddenly emerges out of the sand. Palm trees and olive groves are surrounding beautiful mud-brick houses. The 20.000 Berber inhabitants’ culture is very different to the rest of Egypt, due to the isolated location of the town. People in Siwa speak their own language and same-sex marriage is permitted! YES, you’ve heard right. Historically it has been quite common here to be homosexual. Windy dirt lanes with trundling donkey carts epitomize the slow-paced oasis life as well as puttering motorbikes and 4WDs. To escape the extreme heat and cool down your body, jump in the crystal-clear springs which are scattered throughout the oasis. It is the perfect honeymoon spot to unwind after your wedding, soak in Egypt’s history or venture off to a desert safari from the edge of the oasis.

siwa oasis

#5 Wadi El-Natrun

This town is far from typical. Therefor it got into our top 5 honeymoon destinations in Egypt. Located in the desert between Cairo and Alexandria it offers a collection of beautiful ancient Coptic Christian monastic sites.  Many Christians came here in the 4th century to escape the corruption they saw in other cities of Egypt. Once upon a time there were more than 50 monasteries here. Today there are only four of them left, still very impressive sites that form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. History enthusiasts should  make their way here. Getting here is an adventure itself, riding on the bus from Alexandria or Cairo.

Wadi El-Natrun

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