Why is it tough - Finding your passion

I start this piece as being the second most desired thing i wanted to full fill this evening. I was well on track to full filling my most desired - until the internet crashed, and no that didnt involve a candlelit bedroom (where anything could catch fire, so silly!). It was also another piece of writing, which is for me, enjoyable to flesh out. I feel i have a lot to talk about, particularly travel, but lack of a good internet connection has failed me. India by Motorcycle can wait another day.

If you have been reading these posts, sparse as they may be you should begin to notice a particlar tone. A tone that is directed towards self improvement and business development that is also aligned with the important things in life such as  - Just enjoy your fucking life!

So despite the amount of great motivational people we follow, supurb business books we read, sometimes all the focus and positivity in the world still cant shake off a really shitty experience. Perhaps it was a bad day, perhaps a bad week, or a string of misfortunes or events that break the so called camels back. Because that is how we feel sometimes right? Like a Camel. We remain focused, eat, shit, breath and sleep all along with the perils of running a business on our mind, we are encouraged to remain positive and focused as this is what the great leaders of today have done to get to where they are, and if your not ready, not prepared, not willing to let go of the small stuff, push on and keep striving, well then your in the wrong game my friend, go get a job!

Then the featherweight straw falls, its burden too much to carry, and it seems like all hope is lost.

This is how i felt 7 days ago, when i woke up with an unsettled feeling in my stomach for no apparent reason, it was only 1.5 hours of traffic that started the great unravelling but for the next 10 hours i would be met with a series of unfortunate events that led me to my first ever 'Man-Down' which was my version a break down, something uncontrollable that just errupted from the smallest of things.

"Whats the fucking point" I said to myself, and im now answering that question in this post.

Sure, i reasoned with myself. I consulted with the people closest to me, i let it out, had a bitch and moan, but i knew that wasnt going to get me anywhere. The very next day i set out to improve my thought patterns and pull my sub-consiousness out of the ever repeating self doubt cycle that is common amongst the many that fail. The reason that the few succeed (and success doesnt need to be reflected in a dollar value) is their ability to stay true to what they believe in themselves, their well defined goals and outcomes and the mental strength that allows them to realise that these kind of days/weeks/years can happen to anyone, and they do, so accept them, brush them off and move on.

I quickly found momentum by concentrating on all that had gone well for me over the last few years (of business development that is). How much i knowledge i had learned, how much insight i had gained, the new professional skills and the guts to give things a crack and not be too concearned about the outcome. From doing this i realised, wow, Im doing pretty well for myself! Its all about persepective, and the the perspective i needed was shining the light on my life, not the life of others or expectations of others. 

So this week i am really no more successful than last week, in terms of net worth, profit, dollar value or wealth. Unless of course you are talking about wealth of being

Right now i feel great, my week has been filled with the same challenges but i have refocused my thoughts to be greatful for the opportunity to work out how to overcome the challenges. There has been some simple little hacks that have helped a long the way and the epiphany of their success only came to fruition by the simple act of carrying them out.

The 5am (sometimes 5.45) run, albiet a short run, gets the blood and the brain flowing. Im not pushing myself into exhaustion here, but enough to chant a repative scentence of focus for the day to imprint these thoughts into my subconsious. This simple act of moving the body sets a very positive tone for the rest of the day, i often fight the urge to sleep in, and its worth it. As Jocko Willink U.S. Navy Seal/Mentor says: Your alarm clock is the first test of the day, you either pass or fail. 

There was one morning in which i had at least 3 hours from rising to leaving for work. The fact i had time to do everthing i would always love to do with a morning routine immediatly diminished the feeling of stress that normally precedes one as they rush out of the door (usually late). To expand on this a little more, im not suggesting that you take 3 hours to prepeare yourself each day, this would be absolutely fantastic, but not realistic. However one day a week could be!  couldnt it? Even if it meant getting up early to feel the benefit!

Doing something that excites you on two levels: The first on this occasion was allowing myself the late afternoon off to engage in my favourite hobby for relaxing - Kitesurfing! It never ceases to amaze my fiance that my method of relaxation is an extreme sport, but my best ideas and motivation for life come when im done on the water, packed up and heading home from a great session kiting.

Which brings me to the second level of doing something exciting; and that is do just go with the feeling that tells you where you want to spend your energy. Before i took to tapping this keyboard i had the option of visiting a friend, a social outing, Netflix, etc... But i thought well i have a few hours spare tonight, i should do something like configure my new laptop which is necessary for work, or finish off the pile of paperwork that never depletes... Or i could just write a blog piece about my travels in India  - Holy fuck yeah, that sounds fun! And all of a sudden my heart beats faster, my eyes light up, my energy levels sore and im in a zone where i realize that this is where people discover their passion! 

This doesnt mean writing is my passion, but following this energy flow and getting all these thoughts out of my head and onto digital paper certainly does stroke the sleeping giant that is a passion waiting to be woken! 

The moral of the story is - When you do things for yourself, you are more likely to discover your passion, and then you can use your skills, focus and drive and channel it more effectivly towards something more fullfilling. Good luck friends!