Going Deep Inside

I wish I had the opportunity to write a piece about the state my head was in a few weeks back. My business was becoming very demanding and I had multiple issues to deal with at the same time. Needless to say my head and heart was in turmoil. You know that you have gone into overdrive when you wake up each morning when a huge knot of anxiety twisting through your stomach. 

There's no need for me to go through the finer details of what the individual challenge was, as each individual has their own issues to deal with and the ones issues magnitude is only relevant to the person experiencing it. In any case a challenge is a challenge and whether it is a personal battle or a large scale problem we still need to approach them with the same diligence and respect. 

As a start I  renamed issues to challenges as to see each problem as an obstacle that can be met and overcome (this puts the focus on resolve and not focusing on a problem itself, a great little way for me to trick my subconscious to remaining optimistic).

I had spent just about every ounce of energy I had and every waking hour tending to the necessary demands of my business. To the point where I forcefully prescribed myself a recreational day at the beach on the coming Friday. Simply by having these moments to myself completely free of the impending challenges gave me great reprieve, freedom from the snowballing anxiety I could now feel getting out of control. This illuminated the need for me to go into great self reflection.

So I decided it was time for me to dive deep into mediation, and I was fortunate enough to find a group of people looking for the same resolve in their lives. The setting was amazing, deep in the foothills of the Byron Bay area fittingly away from any mobile phone reception. So even if I had to jump onto a fire urgently (I'm not talking about walking hot coals here), I was not able to do so, meaning I could completely unplug from the digital world. A very powerful exercise in its own right.

Mediation has many preconceptions and can be interpreted in many ways. Previously my experience of meditation was limited to the last few quiet minutes of a yoga practice (Shavasana) plus the odd few YouTube videos I utilised to try and get some inner peace. But nothing as deep as what I felt and experienced on this profound weekend. We all have our own journey, and the words written here wouldn't do any justice to the inner peace and pure bliss I was about to uncover. 

First you must be very honest with yourself and write down all that it is that has been troubling you, and you then make a commitment to put in the effort do the work on yourself. When we are in self reflection, the work that is involved is to figure out where the roots of these troubles come from and how we can develop a strategy to see us through this in our every day life. This was something very challenging and tended to deviate from our minds default decision making process aka - Logic. In my experience this intelligence came to me through intuition more than logic, and I believe this is ultimately our end goal. To feel the experience of life, not think about what experiences we should or shouldn't be having.

Having nothing else to focus on but the present moment allowed me to go into every nuance of my own psychology and come out on the other side a little bit more enlightened about the path ahead of me. All this may sound a little airy fairy but I can assure you it had profound impact on me as a whole. The clarity and peace I have with me now gives me the confidence and strength that everything is going to be ok, and that worrying is like a rocking chair - Keeps you occupied but gets you nowhere. 

You are a smarter person when you meditate. Period. Any person striving for achievement whether it be within their career or within themselves must embark on some sort of meditation and/or self reflection to enable success. Is that a big call? Nope. Just research the articles (One of many here) that relate to the hormone cortisol that we dump into our system when stress levels are high. What happens to our IQ when we are stressed? It decreases! Yep, and not just a slight decrease, its pretty big, maybe even 50%! Something to think about when you are trying to make that big decision, tackle that assignment, stay committed to the task at hand.

Wouldn't it make sense to be in a more peaceful state of mind? And how do you remain in a peaceful state of mind whilst amidst this chaos?

The person that stands out in any endeavor has an edge, and that edge will be attributed to a calmer state of mind, a peaceful mind, and one that is grateful. I would put my money on the person with these common denominators.  Sure there are plenty narcissistic greedy fucks out there that will take advantage of any opportunity in the name of self gratification, but contrary to the saying, the nice guy DOES win, because they have found peace within themselves.

Being grateful releases the hormone DHEA and this my friends is responsible for many positive attributes to ones health and well being. You need to self reflect! Fortunately in todays fashionably new age world there are many really good studios that cater to all sorts of yoga, meditation, self reflection classes and workshops. Perhaps it sounds all a bit fluffy, but I am yet to experience a grumpy, worried, stressed "self"  when I am walking out of one of these places.

Take my advice and take time out to reward yourself with this gift, this advantage, this outlook on life. You wont regret it. 

" Peace - Does not mean to be at a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be amidst all those things and still have calm in your heart"

Quote - Peaceful loving tree hugger person