A 10 year goal realised

July 12th

2 years in the making and the band is now in the studio. It's winter, in Adelaide, and we are parked in Capital Studios for the next 7 days attempting to produce the first full length album for TSCU.

I've now been here for 2 days, listening to our drummer Reece track drums with double the amount of microphones than pieces of drumming equipment in the room (surely to become a unique an ambient sound.) I've got the layout of the studio now and I'm about to track my Bass parts, I'm not going to lie, i am feeling a bit nervous as it has been a good 10 years since being in a studio, but at the same time I'm also pretty dam excited to be full filling this part of my life again.

On the journey to Adelaide I started a new book during the flight, Tim Ferris's 4 hour work week. It was quite fitting that the whole premise of this book is to define your success by what you want to do with the time you have, not the amount of $$$ in the bank (and the workload to achieve it).  Im now realising that these moments have presented themselves to be enjoyed, so sit back, relax and enjoy the process.


Side note: I wrote this part of the entry moments before picking up my instrument and in hindsight it was the perfect mental preparation for me to personally remind myself to have fun. With a somewhat perfectionist personality, the pressure I put on myself can paralyse my efforts (in any endeavour). This is definitely my own pearl of wisdom to remember.

The result: 7 tracks down in 6 hours! Im pretty happy with the performance, the sound, the whole experience in fact. And to top it off finishing the day with a few beers and listening to Adelaide hard rockers Grenadiers rehearse... Im Stoked!

Day 3 in the studio went just as fast. 3 songs down back to back and 2 brand new unrehearsed songs tracked as well. I felt pretty proud that although my skills aren't quite as good as they once were as a younger more dedicated musician i was still able to pull off some pretty mean bass riffs, it's still in the blood!

So my life is generally one that revolves around progression, learning, thinking logically and relatively and it is very rare that I am relaxing (unless I'm kitesurfing - if you can consider that relaxing.) Unleashing this creative side of my brain/personality was truly a feeling of freedom. Something most of us commonly forget that we have the option to do.

My lesson from this week is to immerse yourself in something you love, even if it only benefits you in that moment, you will remember what it is THIS is all about.


The control room of Capital Studios