Why 5am?

Monday 3rd July 5am

Setting my alarm for 2 - 3 hours before I need to leave the house is not an indication that I am slow to get going of a morning, it's quite the opposite actually. I have curated this time so diligently that i could easily say it is my favourite time of the day. Each morning i am rejuvenated, motivated  and pumped for the new challenge ahead, and as each day comes, new challenges are met, and I am satisfied knowing i have taken away a valuable lesson that in time will serve me.

But it hasn't always been like this, being the protagonist that i am i felt an enormous burden that you are doomed for failure unless you get your arse out of bed and work harder. I had a to-do list as long as my arm and no matter what i did, it only ever grew (sometimes exponentially). Quite frankly, it stressed me out.

I am a business owner. I am an aspiring musician, a health fanatic, an introvert and extrovert, a passionate person, an adventurer, a loving person to my friends, my family and the biggest person in my life, my soon to be wife.

The opening sentence in the paragraph preceding this tends to be one that takes over a person's life. Some people learn the lesson, and some people do not. Everything that is important in this life is everything else that follows that sentence. From today (and every other day) these posts will be my purpose and are the expression of the lessons one person can learn through this journey we call life.

I feel  that this process is more important to me than for any reader that chooses to come for the ride. Perhaps i will not engage anyone, and at this point, i am completely ok with this. For now i am taking my ever evolving thoughts from my paper diary into the public domain. At least this way i can give my fiance some reprieve from the endless philosophical chatter she so conscientiously listens to. I love her so much. I am a better person because of her, as you will soon find out.